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最終更新: 2020年8月6日

The Hosei Orange have been working hard to prepare against the Chuo Racoons. We have had time to review and improve upon our mistakes from our last game to help ensure that we put ourselves in better position against Chuo University.

I believe that our offense has made significant progress and will be able to attack the Chuo defense and score many points. Although we have had to face a great deal of adversity with loss of 3 key members on offense, we have proved that our team can still win.

Defensively we have been able to keep opposing offenses out of the end zone. The Chuo Quarterback is a very good player and will be a great challenge for our secondary. This win against the Raccoons will certainly boost our confidence and help us continue to improve.

We have come a long way up until this point, but a loss will almost certainly put us out of contention for the Koshien bowl. For this reason I emphasize the importance of each day.

Jabali Miller





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